Matt Latham

Software Developer

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About Me

Technology fascinated me at an early age when I played floppy disc games and learned DOS with my dad in a university class, the lone seven-year-old learning C:\ commands in a room of adults. I enjoyed seeing the latest developments in tech and what new uses they provided for the everyday user. In the last decade, my attention shifted towards apps as developers found ingenious ways to integrate them into every aspect of one's life. I began thinking about programs I wanted to design myself.

I decided to attend Nashville Software School to start on that career path. I want to build applications that make a difference in people's lives. I enjoy being a part of this ever-growing field that is reshaping much of our modern world.

I also write, play guitar, and record songs. I am trying to learn a couple of foreign languages as a hobby. I draw sketches on occasion and am hoping to get into digital art later. I enjoy photography, especially nature shots like this one I took in San Francisco. I like to unwind with board games, billiards, or just reading a good novel.
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full MEAN stack
websites Chartify


I am a music addict and a data junkie as well. I always enjoyed creating my own "Billboard" charts based on my album collection (used notebook paper when I was younger). This capstone project for Nashville Software School accesses Spotify's API for basic album info. It then allows a user to rate songs and sorts the albums based on those ratings into a personal chart of favorite albums. I used Materialize, AngularJS, Firebase, jQuery, and some Node.Js for optional Spotify features.
My previous employment was maintaining the table database for the Nissan Warranty Claims Department. I enjoyed solving complicated problems and helping build upon the system. In this small-scale version, the user chooses their dealership and submits a repair claim for reimbursement. This was a capstone project for NSS meant to demonstrate MEAN stack app construction.
Vehicle Warranty Claims